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Have a great summer and we look forward to see all of our Cowboy friends and family this fall.

September 24, 2017

Match Update

From Valrico Kid & Marcia to all the wonderful Cowboys and Cowgirls who we know, love and enjoy so much sharing time together and playing at our game of Cowboy Action Shooting.

The last three years of being Match Director has been a wonderful experience. The goals that Marcia and I had were simple – make sure we took care of our participants and make sure they had a good time. We were always looking for new things to do and new things for shooters to look forward to.

We loved to hear the laughter as shooters blasted pumpkins and other garden products. It was fun to see ‘special’ costumes worn at our Halloween match. We started the ‘Kick Brass Challenge’ so shooters could have fun in a contest within a contest, and be rewarded for their best efforts with a Championship Badge. We experimented with the first, of hopefully many, ‘Gunslinger Challenge’. The concept of something totally different springing up w/o notice or regularity to offer yet another opportunity for shooters to do something different, play outside the ‘box’ and win a special award.

We hope we succeeded in some ways or fashion to make your experiences at Doodle Hill Regulators something out of the ordinary, maybe even ‘special’ in some ways.

It is with deep sadness and regrets that because of some life and health issues that we must step aside from our positions with DHR. We look forward to seeing you all again down the trail when circumstances allow.

Valrico Kid

Match News

Territorial Governor Update

The SASS Board of Directors changed how matches are to be scored effective immediately. (Click Here for Details)

Located below are the results from the Gunslinger Challenge done in Honor of Chancey lady

Womens Champion Award

Senior Mens Champion Award

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DHR News Header

Wanted PosterDoodle Hill Regulators Matches are the 4th Sunday of every month. Our Match Directors are Valrico Kid and Jeff Shelleen, Marcia will be the Posse Sign Up and Score Keeper gal with Last Chance Kid as the webmaster.

Chance Ramsey is our Territorial Governor.

All SASS rules will apply and all SASS Categories will be recognized.

Shooters Fee will be $15.00 for anyone OVER 18 years of age and
$6.00 for anyone UNDER 18 years of age.

NO lunch will be provided at this time BUT water will be available.

Sign up begins at 8:00, Safety Meeting at 9:00 with lead down range by 9:30.

Thanks for everyone’s support in the past and hope you will continue in the future.

“The Doodle Hill Gang”

Club Information

DHR was founded in 1998 and was closed June of 2009.

The Chance Ramsay Gang put DHR back on the Trail September of 2009.

The Doodle Hill Gang took the the reins September of 2014.

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Bullets by Chance

Dave Smith - Doodle Hills resident Gunsmith - Best of teh Best